Hello, nice to meet You and thank you for being here with me.

My name is Giovanni Ettore Galanti, I'm Italian and I've been living far from my beloved Country for several years, exclusively for my life choice.

I have always been a modeller and this long journey led me, after having gone through different branches of this wonderful hobby, to work passionately and unilaterally with these big figures.

I talk about work, the passion and dedication to this world have pushed me to do more than a hobby, a second profession, the most beloved.

In fact, in addition to selling my figures, which I am always very fond of, I started working on commission too, much to my satisfaction and to my costumer as well..

Why can we get excited about action figures?

Because,.about me, there is nothing. in the models field, which is so close to reality.

The scale of 1: 6, certainly large, forces you to take care of details that are clearly visible given the considerable size of the figures and objects; if well taken care of, they give fantastic results very close to reality.

The possibility of positioning the subject with a posture at will gives the opportunity to create unique works, unlike the figures produced in series, ready to assemble, paint and place on a base.

The use of materials such as fabrics, leather, wood and metals differentiate the figure from reality only for the dimensions.

The love for action figures was born with me. accompanied my childhood with the arrival before Jonny West with the horse, then the rest of the Marx characters and then the entire Bonanza family, ending with the legendary Big Jim.

So a momentary separation due to the arrival of the Airfix. milestone of all the modellers of my age, with soldiers, airplanes and tanks, all in scale to be assembled and painted.

Then 11 years ago, ... My unexpected encounter with the Dragon Models Action figures box contains a World War II German soldier dressed as a Barbie, a little bigger, equipped with all the equipment including weapons, all reproduced with absolute fidelity. And like a Barbie, to dress, undress, pose etc.

And so I applied and often adapted many techniques learned over the years on these almost live giants.

Only a few of my figures come from a complete box.

I really like to build the figure by finding a piece here, one and often making the piece myself.

Each of my figures is unique and unrepeatable.

I like to take care of the posture of the bodies, preferring the movement; I always try to work on the details and details of both the characters and the setting that I consider complementary to the subject and fundamental to the final outcome.

While not neglecting the historical context in each of my figures I give preference to the artistic side, to the spectacle and above all to the message that I have the hope that one of them transmits to the observer.

If there is somehow successful it means that you liked it and that I worked well.

For any curiosity or request write me without hesitation. See you soon, my friends.

Giovanni Ettore

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